MI.BO. Forma

The future of fitness delivered today. No treadmills. No exercise bikes. No machines. Traditional training becomes interactive, fun and motivating for strength, speed, agility, mobility, power, and more. Experience the absolutely charged atmosphere with music, lights, video, floor and wall sensors integrated into the workout.​

MI.BO. FORMA is mobile, portable and modular for turnkey deployment in any outdoor or indoor space. Ideal for corporate, retail, beaches, parks and public venues and existing fitness spaces.

The future of fitness delivered.

MI.BO. works with partners to deliver a fully equipped podium concept to deploy in existing indoor spaces such as gyms, lobby spaces, studios, workplaces, and any other space that’s conceivable to convert to an activity space.

  • A fully equipped workout environment to convert un-used walls and floor spaces into a high-intensity activity space.

  • Fun and intense workout for individuals and small groups without machines.

  • Fully integrated with technology and a user app to self-manage the experience and keep score.


MI.BO. builds and delivers a fully equipped mobile van/trailer that is ready to deliver a unique fitness experience on location. The gym can be driven around from place to place and ideal for individual and group interactions at home, Offices, Parks, beachside and any other motorable location.

    • A safe, comfortable and private fully equipped mobile workout space with hygienic environment to encourage a convenient way to train and maintain a healthy lifestyle free of chronic diseases.

    • Fun and intense workout for individuals and small groups without machines.

    • Always supervised by a certified trainer.